Asking My Bridesmaids

June 26, 2016

bridesmaids cards_twine and braids

When I got engaged in late January my blog was already in full swing.  I had carved out a few different categories while I was finding my niche; recipes, DIYs and seasonal activities.  I really wasn’t sure how much of my engagement, or personal life for that matter, I wanted to share.  Now a few months down the line, with my wedding planning ramping up, I’m realizing that it’s important to share some tidbits of what’s going on.  Not only because it has quickly become a top priority in my life, but because it may help you, my lovely readers, get a peak into my day to day. (thanks for reading btw!)

bridesmaids cards_twineandbraids

First up, asking my bridesmaids!  I’m one of those lucky people to have a small group of girlfriends who have been through it all since the fourth grade.  I also hit it big in the sister-in-law department, so choosing my bridesmaids was an easy decision.  When I was ready to ask the girls I headed straight to Etsy and searched for the perfect cards – and boy did I find them.

bridesmaids cards_twine and braids

I settled on two sets of cards both from McKenzie of Paper Tie Affair on Etsy.  All of her card options are not only adorable but are able to be customized.  I chose the font and flower colors along with the envelope and was given the option to have each girls name added in.

bridesmaids cards_twine and braids

Can we just talk about this card for a minute – Mean Girls anyone?!  This one was a big hit.

bridesmaids cards_twine and braidsbridesmaids cards_twine and braidsPersonalized ring dish is from Promise Pottery also on Etsy.

I’ll be sure to share more of our wedding planning journey in future posts!



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