Edible Spring Centerpiece

March 29, 2016

Edible Centerpiece_Twine And Braids

I’ve always had a soft spot for edible arrangements, I mean come on, they’re delicious.  But they aren’t always the most attractive choice for a centerpiece, plus they can get a bit pricey.  Simple solution?  Make one yourself! A few years ago my mom and I had attempted our first DIY edible arrangement and we went full on copy cat.  From pineapple rings cut into flower to chocolate dipped strawberries and melon baller everything it looked just like a purchased arrangement. This time, however, I tried to up the ante with a rustic, more grown up, edible spring centerpiece.

I knew I wanted to use this centerpiece for our Easter brunch so I decided to use one of my teapots as the base for the arrangement to give it a spring feel.  When choosing the fruit I decided to keep with a color scheme and stuck with greens and yellows; grapes, pineapple, honeydew and artichoke.  To prep the fruit I gave the grapes a quick rinse and cut the honeydew and pineapple into small chunks, leaving a few in slices.
Edible Arrangement_Twine And BraidsEdible Arrangement_Twine And BraidsOnce I had my fruit cut up I used bamboo skewers and lined up the grapes and fruit chunks.You can have some fun here varying heights and alternating the pineapple and honeydew.  To secure the skewers I placed a floral foam block in the base of the teapot.  I covered the block in a layer of parchment paper – this way the fruit stays clean in case you wanted to eat it later on!Edible Arrangements_Twine And Braids

Edible Arrangement_Twine And BraidsEdible Arrangement_Twine And BraidsEdible Arrangement_Twine And BraidsOnce I had a good amount of fruit skewers prepped I began placing them into the foam, alternating grapes and melons.  I played around with this step for a bit until I achieved the look I was hoping for.  As a final touch, and to add in a bit more greenery, I tucked curly parsley into any empty space.
Edible Arrangement_Twine And BraidsEdible Arrangement_Twine And BraidsEdible Arrangement_Twine And Braids

The final arrangement looked great as the focal point of our Easter brunch table!



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