Fourth of July DIY

June 29, 2016

Fourth of July_Twine and Braids

I feel like I’ve started many of my posts with, “I can’t believe it’s already [insert upcoming month here]!”  But, seriously where does the time go? The Fourth of July is this weekend and when I looked around my apartment today I realized I needed to add some red, white and blue – stat.  We’re headed out on vacation Friday, so between work and organizing to go away I haven’t had a lot of time to DIY or decorate.  So I have three super quick and easy Fourth of July decorations you can add to your home for that Americana touch.

Americana Decorative Spheres

I love when I have all of the supplies for a project in my various craft bins and these decorative fabric spheres happened to be one of those projects.  Plus they literally took me all of three minutes to make!  All you need are Styrofoam balls, scrap fabric in various prints, and twine.  I cut my fabric in, roughly, 10 by 10 inch squares.  Then, without using any glue or tape, I folded the fabric around the Styrofoam ball and wrapped it in twine to secure.  That’s it!  These look great in a bowl or basket for your coffee table or mantel.fourth of july_twine and braidsfourth of july_twine and braids

Star Garland

This star garland was another project I had all of the supplies on hand.  Using red and blue patterned scrapbook paper I cut out eight stars of each color.  To keep the stars uniform in size I traced a star shaped cookie cutter.  Once all of the stars were cut out, I secured them to a string of thin craft twine with a glue stick.  Once dry, they were ready to hang!
fourth of july_twine and braidsfourth of july_twine and braids

Burlap Flag Banner

For this last project I picked up this burlap banner from Michael’s.  This banner comes with ten rounded burlap pieces and twine for hanging.  Using craft paint and a sponge brush I painted three panels navy and three panels red.  Once the base coat was dry I added a white star to the middle of the navy pieces and white stripes to the red.  Once the panels were dry I strung them together alternating the patterns and it was ready for display.fourth of july_twine and braidsfourth of july_twine and braidsfourth of july_twine and braids

How great is this Pledge of Allegiance print?!  I printed it a few years ago for a Fourth of July party and manged to keep in in good condition.  You can get it from the fun ladies at Eighteen25 – here.fourth of july_twine and braidsDoes that navy star wood block look familiar?  You can find that, along with flag blocks, in my Etsy shop.fourth of july_twine and braids

Hope your Fourth of July is full of BBQ, fireworks, and sunshine!



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