Here goes nothing

October 12, 2015

What came first? Twine & Braids or the egg?  In this case it was the yarn egg.

In late January of this year I started an Etsy shop called Twine & Braids based on a homemade Easter decoration I crafted up a few months prior.  Since then I have expanded to various home and holiday decor pieces all the while staying true to my idea of high quality handmade with a rustic vibe.

With the continuation of my shop I found myself needing an outlet to share the several DIY projects I find myself getting into around the apartment I share with my boyfriend in Jersey City, NJ.  Sprinkle in a few recipes, a couple of home decor tips and tricks, a lot of mason jars and you’ve got yourself Twine & Braids – the blog.

Thanks for stopping by and I sure hope you stick around while I get things rolling!

Read a bit more about me here.


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