Holiday Wrapping

December 17, 2015

I think my favorite part of the holidays is wrapping gifts.  I mean, spending time with family and friends is great and all but the day you’re ready to wrap up your presents is just magical.  It marks the end of the shopping, the running around to find a gift or stocking stuffer for everyone on your list, and it signifies that relaxation is ahead.

This year I opted for black Kraft paper, twine, white ribbon, sprigs of green and a few other adornments (miniature paperclips, burlap tree tags, tin ornaments).  The black paper can be a bit intimidating, and a tad un-Christmas like, but there’s something I love about the deep green of the fresh sprigs cut from our tree against the black paper.  I think it gives the gift an effortless look that’s both classy and rustic.

The great thing about Kraft paper is you can spruce it up however you like.  A metallic paint pen (or chalkboard pen) can be use to write to/from, rubber stamps can add details and designs, or you might choose a patterned washi tape over the standard clear to add more color.10_Christmas Wrapping_710_Christmas Wrapping_1310_Christmas Wrapping_19The burlap bags pictured above are perfect for small treasures.  They can be found at Michael’s.
10_Christmas Wrapping_1210_Christmas Wrapping_1110_Christmas Wrapping_16



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