Wedding Planning

August 30, 2016

wedding planning_twine and braids

It feels like our wedding plans have been slowly but surely falling into place.  We’re still over nine months away so we’ve been focused on nailing down the big items; venue, church, photographer, music, etc.  So far those things have been going well and it feels like we’re in a good spot.  You know; we’re checking things off the list, not too stressed, trying to enjoy the process (like every wedding book, blog or married person advises you to do).

But the details…I cannot wait to start working on the small details and personal touches for our wedding!  Designing floral arrangements and tablescapes, deciding on name cards and favors.  I have so many ideas!  Every now and then I’ll break out all of the wedding books, magazines, and the cutest “wedding planning” mug.  My matrons of honor sent me this mug a few weeks ago and since then it’s been filled to the brim with coffee helping to fuel every planning sesh.

wedding planning_twine and braids
Shop mug here

wedding planning_twine and braidswedding planning_twine and braidswedding planning_twine and braids


I found my wedding dress!!!

wedding planning_twine and braids




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