Supermarket Flowers

February 26, 2016

Supermarket Flowers_Twine And Braids

I LOVE having fresh flowers in my apartment.  It’s something Erick will never understand with his rationale of – “what’s the point? they’re just going to die.”  But, they make me happy.  Whether it’s a full vase of blooms or a small teacup with a single flower they’re guaranteed to brighten any room.  My favorite time to add flowers (besides always) is right after I’ve finished cleaning – they’re like the icing on the cake!

So what’s the downfall?  Purchasing pre-made arrangements from a florist can get pricey quick.  My trick is to pick up some cheaper, yet still pretty, options from the local supermarket.  Sure, they may look a little sad at first but with just a few minutes of elbow grease you’ll have a beautiful arrangement!Supermarket Flowers_Twine And BraidsThis time around, I picked up a bouquet of white blooms and some additional greenery.  My first step is to take apart the bundles and lay out my flowers by type and color so I know what I’m working with.  Then I’ll give each stem a small snip at a forty five degree angle.  I’ll end up trimming more later once I’ve decided on my vase.Supermarket Flowers_Twine And BraidsSupermarket Flowers_Twine And BraidsWhen picking out a vase I’ll consider where I’m planning to place the flowers; do I want something low for my coffee table or will I need a taller vase to fill an empty space?  This time, I’m beginning with tin pail.  Supermarket Flowers_Twine And BraidsTo help secure the flowers I’ll be using wet foam.  Another helpful option is to make a grid on the top of the vase with transparent tape.  This will help guide the flowers and keep them in place.Supermarket Flowers_Twine And BraidsI pulled together this arrangement by placing larger greenery around the edges, fuller blooms in the center and filled in any open space with like color flowers.Supermarket Flowers_Twine And Braids

Supermarket Flowers_Twine And BraidsWith the bundles I picked I had plenty left over to create two additional arrangements – talk about serious bang for your buck!Supermarket Flowers_Twine And BraidsSupermarket Flowers_Twine And BraidsSupermarket Flowers_Twine And BraidsSupermarket Flowers_Twine And BraidsSupermarket Flowers_Twine And BraidsSupermarket Flowers_Twine And Braids

I am loving how these arrangements turned out.  To keep them fresh, and ensure they last as long as possible, I’ll continue to trim down the bottoms of the stems and refill the vases with cool water.  Completing this project really got my wheels turning for future wedding floral designs!



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